Possibilities of Fragrances to Include in the Best Scent Diffuser During Wintertime

As cold weather sets in over much of the country, people want to stay warm and cozy in their homes. They like the comforts of the season, like hot chocolate, soup cooked in a crock pot, relaxing baths and big thick socks. The best scent diffuser also can add a touch of fragrance to the house or apartment that’s especially suited for this time of year.

Holiday Scents

Holiday-related scents are prevalent from Halloween through New Year’s, as people enjoy the fragrances of pumpkin, apple and peppermint. As January takes hold and brings frosty temperatures, other scents may be used to bid adieu to the holiday season and cope with the reality of winter. The essential oils are intended to create, enhance or change one’s mood or psychological state.

Evergreen Tree Scents

Evergreen tree scents can be used as a symbol of how these plants continue to display their needles and color all year round. Walking into a forest of Scotch or red pine on a cold day allows people to breathe in the lovely aroma of those trees. However, many don’t have the opportunity to roam a forest in the wintertime. Instead, they can bring the fragrance indoors. In fact, companies like AromaTech offer a scent called winter pine that’s ideal for this purpose.

Spices and Warm-Weather Fruit

Ginger, clove and cinnamon also can continue being sent into a room or the whole household through a diffuser. The level of fragrance should be lighter at this time of year and only hint at the aroma. It is not intended to smell like gingerbread or pumpkin pie in the oven. The fragrance can be lightened by adding sweet orange or lemon, which also brings to mind the promise of warmer weather just ahead.

Uplifting Emotional Effects

Some individual fragrances and combinations have a particularly warming effect on the emotions. Vanilla is a broadly popular scent, and combining it with nutmeg is especially soothing. People who are feeling a little down because of the dreary weather might like to smell sandalwood, bergamot or rose. Sandalwood is appealing to many as it conveys the sense of warm wood.