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The Best Men Shaving Razors

As for ladies they shave to remove leg and underarm hair while for men is to remove facial hair like the beard. Head shaving is complete removal of hair from the head. Also it has been used as a mode of punishment and humiliation and mode of submission to an authority. And schools that force their students to shave their heads without the liberty of choice is not at all equality. These charitable courses are heavily more on cancer research organizations. The use of straight or safety razor is referred to as manual shaving or wet shaving while the use of electric razor is known as dry shaving.

It involves a set of oscillating or rotating blades which are held behind a perforated metal screen. The perforated metal screen prevents the blades from coming into contact with the skin. Some of the designs include the blade as the rotating cylinders while in others they are more set of rotating blades. Steps are given to the consumer so as to help him in the shaving process. Electric shaving has got some good advantages as compared probably to razor shaving. Thus the stress of water or lather supply is reduced. This means that the process is not a hundred percent efficient as some of the whiskers remain on the skin. Another disadvantage is that electric shaving requires electricity to run. In addition the initial cost in purchasing an electric shaver is quite expensive but still manageable.

Straight and safety razors are manual razors. The purpose of this is to soften the skin and hair. After this is done a lubricating or lathering agent is used to moisturize the skin. However for many razor cartridges a lubricating strip is included.

To add on the function of polyethylene glycol it lifts and softens the hair causing them to swell. The main disadvantage of wet shaving is that the prevalence of cuts is high as compared to electric shaving. Some of the extra care include the use of a fresh, sharp blade as it cruises along the skin surface easily. Proper cleaning also goes hand in hand with lubrication of the skin.

There are some quality characteristics a razor should have. You may consider a smaller grip for better balance or one with some heft to reduce the weight on the razor. Maintenance is another quality aspect that should be considered according to the type of razor. This aspect is good strategy aimed towards marketing the product. Some of the best electric razors include Braun series 7,790cc, 5,5090cc, 5190cc, Philips Norcelo 8900 with SmartClean, Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc 3, this are just but a few of the many. Consumers are always the target audience and in a market of competitiveness and consumerism, distinct qualities need to stepped up.

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